Version 3.5 – 2007-04-06

MovieSearch is an offline ‘Search Engine’ for the Internet Movie Database (IMDb).
It uses the IMDb generated Text Data Files (.list files) to find information about Movies, Actors, Actresses, Directors or any other crew members. These Textfiles can be found on several FTP sites, see links below for details. Note that some of them are huge, so remember that to use MovieSearch you first got to download a lot of data.

Just download, unzip and run the executable to install MovieSearch.
Please uninstall any previous version of MovieSearch first.

OBS! ‘TV/Movie’ documents (.msmtv) created in MovieSearch v3.5 can’t be opened in MovieSearch 3.4 and older.

MovieSearch contains:
The DiffTools-Package from IMDb by André Bernhardt which includes ApplyDiffs v2.5 and CheckCRC v1.5.
The IMDb FAQ ‘movie-database-faq’ for information about the Internet Movie Database.
And the MovieSearch 3.4 program with a ReadMe.txt file.

At the moment there are no Manual or any other Help files available, but the program is quite simple so I hope it won’t cause any trouble.

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FTP Sites-,,,

This program is not endorsed by Internet Movie Database Ltd (IMDb), or connected with IMDb in any way.

Changes since version 3.4:

  • Changed order when sorting after episode numbers in ‘Cast/Crew’ documents.
  • Now newest episode is shown first.
    • Added support for TV series episodes in ‘TV/Movie’ documents.
    • New document format (v3.0) for ‘TV/Movie’ documents (.msmtv).
      Note that MovieSearch v3.4 and older can’t open ‘TV/Movie’ documents created in MovieSearch 3.5 and above.

Changes since version 3.3:

  • Added support for ‘CHAR’ section in the ‘goofs.list’ file.
  • Fixed problem with sync between links and showed text when certain characters was used.
  • Sorting movie titles in ‘Cast’Crew’ documents now support episode names and numbers.

Changes since version 3.2:

  • Fixed showing wrong version number at the end of the document. (v3.2 was showing 3.1)
  • Fixed program crash when finding a ‘alternate language version of’ entry in the ‘movie-links.list’ file.

Changes since version 3.1:

  • Fixed a bug when searching the ‘Aka-Titles’ and ‘Aka-Names’ files in the “New TV/Movie Document” and “New Cast/Crew Document” dialogs.

Changes since version 3.0a:

  • Added a Himself/Herself filmography.
  • Fixed a bug in the Movie Links dialog. Sometimes no movies showed up.
  • Fixed some other minor bugs.

Changes since version 3.0:

  • Fixed support for a small change in the ‘Ratings.list’ file.