SK Tanks

Version 1.0.1 – 2005-02-23
Dedicated Server 1.0.1 Build 428

SK Tanks is my variation of the classic Tank Game.
It’s a multiplayer game and it supports 2 – 8 players.
The game supports bouncing missiles, adjustable reloading time, tank speed, missile air time and more. You can select a time limit for a game or just play until someone gets enough kills to win. Also available is a simple message service so you can communicate with all the players connected.​

If you want to make your own levels there is a level editor included.
Six levels are available at the moment, see the list below.​

For more detailed instructions see the ReadMe files.​

Download, unzip and run the executable to install SK Tanks.

Included in the package is:
SK Tanks 1.0.1 Build 46
SK Tanks Level Editor 1.0.1 Build 41
and six different levels (see below).

Note that all players must use the same version of SK Tanks to be able to play together.

Changes since version 1.0.0:

  • Game: Tank speed is actually adjustable.
  • Game: Fixed bug when entering values outside the boundaries in the options window.
  • Editor: Changed the raster function.
  • Editor: Objects in the drop-list at the toolbar are selectable directly with the numeric keys 1- 9 and 0 for the first ten objects in the list. You can also step through all the objects with the PageUp and PageDown keys.
  • Editor: Fixed some minor bugs.

Available levels:


  • Windows 98, ME, 2000 or XP.
  • DirectX 8 or Higher. Screen resolution at 800×600 pixels or more.
  • LAN or Internet connection.