SK v3 Arcade Smack Talk

Version 1.0.0 beta 1 – 2010-02-13

This is an add-on to v3 Arcade 2.0.0 –
The idea is to bring a bit more life into the tournaments by letting the players add short comments, or smack talks, to their slots in the tournament tree.

Users adds/edits their comments by clicking on the field below the username. They can have different comments for each slot in the tournament tree.

Two additonal options are added to the v3Arcade Tournament Settings.
– Allow Creator of Tournament to Edit Smack Talks.
– Maximum Length of Smack Talk.

Tournament admins can always edit all smack talks.

This is a beta release.
There is no known bugs at the moment, but there has not been much testing done yet.

Installation includes 3 steps. See instructions in the zip package.