Space Snake 2000

Version 1.1 – 2002-07-04

Space Snake 2000 is a variation of the classic Snake / Worm / Nibble game.
Most different is the navigation, instead of the usually 90 degree turns you must rotate the snake in a complete circle to make a turn, which makes it more difficult and more fun.

It also include lots of other features like:
Different levels, all with their own unique look.
High-score table.
Lots of pickups that will either help you or make it more difficult.

To your help you got three main equipment’s:
90 Degree turn – Helps you make those really narrow passages.
Direction Change – Your tail becomes the head and vice versa.
Shield – If you can’t avoid a wall, the shield will protect you.
These equipment’s can you pick up and use whenever you want.

Among the other pickups are bombs, mines etc. These you must either pick up or avoid.
See the information within the game for a complete list.

If you hit a wall you lose power and the snake bounce off and change direction.
When the power is down to zero the snake is dead. You have three lives to use.
There are also some health pickups that will restore some or all of your power.

After each level you receive a password for the next level. Use this password if you later want to begin at that level. Remember that some of the levels can be hard to begin with when you haven’t collected any equipment’s.

Just download, unzip and run the executable to install Space Snake 2000.

Changes since version 1.0:

  • Added support for Windows 2000 and XP.