4 in a Row v1.1

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    4 in a Row v1.1
    August 22, 2004

    This is the classic 'Four in a Row' game, also known as 'Connect Four'.
    The goal is simple, get four of your pieces in a row and you win the match. All directions count, horizontal, vertical and diagonal.
    The game takes place on a seven by six rectangular board. You can place your piece in any column you want, the piece then falls down until it either hit the bottom or another piece. If the board gets full without anyone gets four pieces in a row it's a draw.

    This is a two players game that is played over Internet or LAN, there is no one player mode available at the moment.

    Download 4 in a Row here - 4RowSetup.exe
    Just download and run this program and 4 in a Row will be installed.

    Changes since version 1.0:
    • Clients can no longer connect to a server that is occupied with another client.
    • Fixed Some buttons that used to remain disabled, in client mode, when the server had disconnected.
    • Fixed some memory leaks when the program was closed in a certain way.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
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