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Discussion in 'Arcade' started by msimplay, May 2, 2008.

  1. msimplay

    msimplay New Member

    I was just thinking if arcade awards in a profile tab was possible.
    I have the code for the original Arcade awards in profile working well on vbulletin 3.6. If you want the product I'll post it here :).

    I'm just asking since I saw u in the Profile tabs thread on :tounge:

    @ SK
  2. sk

    sk Moderator

    :) yeah I am working on a v3 arcade stats tab.

    It will show the arcades awards, most played games, total of games played and maybe some more things.

    Thanks for offer to upload the original arcade award mod, but there is no need. I have seen it. Mine will probably look pretty much the same.

  3. msimplay

    msimplay New Member

    Sounds good :). The arcade stats were lost when v3arcade became a plugin for 3.5 and it bought a lot of nice stuff like ajax to v3arcade but the stats is something I've always missed
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  4. paulvev

    paulvev New Member

    OMG cant wait! I need a stats page SO bad for my arcade. People are always asking me this...its something V3arcade badly needs. The other arcade systems are lucky enough to have this.

    I have suggestions :

    Most popular game : Name (based on number of games played) played x times
    Most popular category : Name (based on number of games played)
    Total number of games played in each category : separate count for each cat.
    Total number of games played in the arcade : totalcount

    I just noticed this forum also has a Leaderboard under the log in...does anybody know how we get that mod?
  5. msimplay

    msimplay New Member

    Its on here
  6. sk

    sk Moderator

    Well, this mod is for the v3.7 member page and will only show personal stats.

    It isn't finished yet, but you can see the basics for it on the member pages here.

  7. msimplay

    msimplay New Member

    Heres some ideas for u on the arcade profile for vbulletin i got this one off my IPB installation. Good work so far though

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