Arcade Champion!

Discussion in 'Arcade' started by sk, Oct 28, 2006.

  1. sk

    sk Moderator

    Arcade Champion and Leaderboard!

    Now you can see who is the Arcade Champion!

    The arcade champion is the person with the most number 1 highscores.
    You can see the name on the top of the Arcade page.
    Current champion is rk :)

    Also added a Leaderboard so you can see the top 10 arcade players.
    You find the leaderboard link on the right side on the arcade page, below your name and avatar.

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  2. TimGreen

    TimGreen New Member

    Re: Arcade Champion and Leaderboard!

    A nice addition, have seen this on other boards. Makes you want to play a bit more :)
  3. OP

    OP New Member

    I find it a bit suspicious that the top 3 names is so similar rk, mk, sk ;)

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