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    SK Reputation Notification v2.0.0 - 2010-05-06

    Notification system for reputation comments.
    This modification sends a PM to the user whenever someone gives him/her a reputation comment.
    User must first enable the function on the Settings => General Settings page. It's off by default.

    v2.0.0 is updated for vBulletin 4. See v1.x for vBulletin 3.x.
    Created and tested on vBulletin 4.0.3

    Download -

    Version history:

    • v2.0.0 - 2010-05-08
      Updated for vBulletin 4.
    • v1.1.2 - 2008-06-18
      Support for option 'Can See Who Left User Ratings'.
      - If user not allowed to see who left a reputation comment the sender of the notification PM will always be the specified user and not the actual user leaving a comment.
      - Also a different message will be used with no name included.
    • v1.1.1 - 2008-04-19
      Added admin options so you can specify a specifik user as the sender of the notification PM.
    • v1.1.0 - 2007-11-06
      First official release.


    Two step installation.
    Copy 1 file, import product. See file install.txt in zip package for more details.

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