Discussion in 'Question and Answers' started by macb86, Feb 3, 2008.

  1. macb86

    macb86 New Member

    Is there anyway to get a list of smilies when writing a comment?
    Like the one you have to the right when writing a message.

    That would be nice since I never remember how to write when I want to use them.
  2. sk

    sk Moderator

    Hi, sorry this as taken so long.
    As a temporary solution I have added a 'view smilies' link that opens a page in a new window.
    This page will show all the smilies and what to write if you want to use them.

    This link can found to the right, above the 'Add comment' button.

    Hopefully I can fix a proper clickable solution, like when you write a message, some day.

  3. macb86

    macb86 New Member

    Thanks! :)

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