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Welcome to GUI Tester v1.0.0

GUI Tester makes it possible to visualize ideas to iPhone and iPad devices in a fast and simple way that still can be close to the finished product. The result will be shown in its correct environment, on an actual iOS device, with the accurate look and feel. It's just up to the designer to choose the GUI's complexity from simple sketches to a more advanced GUI with buttons, navigation bars etc.

It will be much easier to realize the project from design into production by having a full proof GUI in your hand on an actual iPhone or iPad. Save both time and money with a design that has been tested for real and are not just conceptual art.

GUI Tester is free. Available for anyone you want to showcase your ideas and designs to.
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and more... see documentation for further details.

More to come...

Here is some upcoming features that we plan to implement.
This is not a complete or finalised list. It only shows some of our plans for the future.