Yet Another Location-based Reminder App

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Focused on providing a straightforward user interface that makes adding reminders quick and easy.

Add your locations only once.
All your used locations stays on the location list for easy reuse when you want to add another reminder.

Locations can be placed precisely with a drag ‘n drop interface.
If you don’t know the exact address you can zoom in on the map, locate the location, and pin the location exactly where you want it.
Alternative just search for the address, point of interest or for a contact in your address book. If needed adjust the position afterwards for better precision.

Steplessly adjustable radius for the location boundary.

Creating new reminder items are two taps away.
Pick the location from the location list and start enter a short description of what you need to do.
A new empty item is added automatically so you quickly can start writing another item.

Use the detail view to add more and longer description of the task if needed.
Reminder items can also be set to be activated at a later time.
Add a reminder on Tuesday to notify you of making that call when you arrive at work, but not until Friday.

All active items at one location can easily be checked and made inactive directly from either the interactive notification or from the location list.

An app icon badge are shown if you have unwatched reminder items at the location you currently are at.
When you are at a location with active items the app automatically shows that location after startup so you quickly can check items you’ve finished.

YALRA is free to use with up to 10 locations.
If you need more locations you can make an in-app purchase to get Unlimited Locations. We would very much appreciate the support.

YALRA v1.1.1

Available on the App Store for free

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